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Sunday, May 12, 2002

Observing the many US flags on automobiles and in home and business windows, not to mention the tattered WTC flag that has been paraded around since September 11th, I thought that there are several other flags we might be inspired to see in recent images. So I wrote a letter to the paper and The Santa Cruz Sentinel printed it today:

Draw inspiration from moon

I was amazed at the clarity and detail of the Cone Nebula photograph that ran in today’s Sentinel. According to the caption, the Cone Nebula is some 2,500 light years away. On occasion, the Sentinel has run remarkably detailed images of activity at or near ground-level here on Earth, which were allegedly captured by weather and surveillance satellites.

With all the long-range, high-resolution optical power apparently at our disposal, it would seem a relatively simple and straightforward matter to get a close up view of an Apollo moon-landing site now and then. Such an image might comfort our country and the world in these troubled times. I surely cannot be the only Earthbound human who would draw inspiration to keep looking up from the sight of the United States flag, still proudly unfurled (if not exactly waving in the non-existent lunar breeze) near one of our landers.

Why is it we’ve never seen a photo like this? How could we get one, I wonder?



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