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Monday, September 16, 2002
CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: "Sign" my petition to demand Davis, Lockyer defend California from Feds

One of my responses to the recent DEA raid on the WAMM pot-farm in Davenport, was to draw up a petition on "e-the-people," a petition service available through the Santa Cruz Sentinel's website. If you are a California resident, registered to vote, please take a moment to read the petition. If you agree, please sign it. The petition page will be active only until October 15, 2002, at which time it will be sent to Davis and Lockyer, giving them reasonable notice of what their constituents want, prior to election day.

Although the impetus for the petition was the Federal government's heavy handed opposition to and contempt for medical-marijuana approval in states such as California, the larger principle is, for me, even more compelling: Just because the Federal government asserts authority, doesn't mean the constitution actually gives it any! The States must challenge Federal encroachment into the decisionmaking spheres reserved to the States and the People by the 9th and 10th amendments to the US Constitution. Otherwise, we don't have a federation of States; we have a traditional central government that sends marching orders to various administrative regions. How strange that marijuana should be at the center of this far more crucial issue. Still, now seems as good a time, and presents as good an opportunity, as any to get the Feds off our backs. Sic 'em, Gray! Go get 'em, Bill! That's why we pay you the BIG BUX!


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