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Monday, May 28, 2007

Since about the third season or so -- whenever it was that Jack Bauer was killed during torturous interrogation and brought back to life for more of the same -- the TV series 24 has been known around my house as Jack Bauer: Federal Zombie. Awhile back, I mentioned this in some fan mail to classical liberal blogger Ilana Mercer; she seemed to like the phrase, mentioning it in her then-current blog entry about 24. Today, many months later, I returned to her blogsite to see that she has quoted me anonymously in a WorldNet Daily column, which she has also entitled with the aforementioned phrase.

I don't need to see formal acknowledgement in print, to enjoy the glow of knowing that something I have said or written has made even a small difference in the world. I get a kick out of seeing my family's pet name for the series being publicized on the internet by no less a personage than Ms. Mercer, whom I count as being among our era's best essayists. But if anyone puts "Jack Bauer: Federal Zombie" on a bumpersticker or t-shirt, then cutting me in on the action would definitely be the neighborly thing to do. Then again, maybe I should pursue the merchandising myself -- the phrase seems to be able to shuffle along, zombie style, on its own two legs. How far can it go? Ker-CHUNK, Ker-CHUNK, Ker-CHUNK.

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